Thursday, January 16, 2014

Journal for 1/16/2014



            The day started out like a normal day. Today was C day. This means double specials in the afternoon. The day started out as normal, students arrived and filled out their agenda's. I circulated the room and initialed agenda's and check spelling homework. After the announcements, students sat and waited quietly for the spelling lesson to begin. Due to a slow computer, it took a while for the SmartBoard activity to load. For the spelling review, I did a word scramble. The students seemed to enjoy this activity. Toward the end students were beginning to get restless and bored. I had students stand up and stomp as they spelled out the words. The idea was to get the students up and moving for a brief period of time. 
            After spelling, students moved on to reading. In reading, student read through a passage on making inferences. With this passage, students were assigned a journal entry and had to form inferences with their responses. Most of the students worked well with this activity. Students transitioned into their Daily 5s. Student began to get really loud during their Daily 5s.
After students worked on their Daily 5, the mobile book bus was parked outside the school. This was an opportunity for students to visit the library. Students checked out books from the library. I assisted with this, making sure students were acting appropriate on the bus. After the mobile bus, students came back into the classroom and reviewed counting with counts and adding them together. Some students grasped the idea of counting with coins, while others were still struggling and getting frustrated.
            After math, students lined up and headed to lunch. Some of the students were treated with lunch with the teacher. After lunch, students returned to the classroom for indoor recess. Once again, there was too much water outside on the playground for students to be outside.
            After recess, students lined up and it was time for music.  As music progressed, I started looking at potential science lessons I could teach to my students in the next few weeks.  When students returned from music, my mentor teacher reviewed money and went over the math homework for that night.  I was given the opportunity to work with a student on his spelling test, for he was going to be absent tomorrow and needed to complete the spelling test.  After the test wrapped up, I returned with the student back to the class.  There was just enough time for students to pack up and head home for the day.
            After the student left, I was informed that there would a meeting with the 2nd grade team on technology.  I attended this meeting and learned about two new apps that could be used on iPads within the classroom.  They were great for incorporating technology into the classroom and allowing for hands-on experience for the students.  Hopefully, I will be able to incorporate this technology into one of my science lessons.
            Today was a great day overall.  The students seemed very unmotivated today and were not so well behaved.  A few students were sent to the office for their behavior card had been flipped over so many times.  I was given the opportunity to perform a spelling lesson that I thought went over well.  When working through the lesson, I witnessed students were beginning to become bored and unmotivated with the lesson.  So I simply asked the students to stand up, and clap and stomp through their spelling words.  I think this allowed students to get up out of their seats and get some blood flowing.
            I enjoyed being included in the short technology meeting after school.  I learned about two new apps that can be used with the students in the classroom.  I immediately downloaded these apps when I got home.  Within the next week, I will be most likely taking over science and I'm considering using one of these apps within one of my science lessons.

            Today was a great day.  I'm exhausted though.  Students were out of control today.  Not sure why, but perhaps it's because the weekend is drawing near.  I had several students go to the office because of behavior.  I'm struggling with keeping students motivated and quiet.  Students are continually complaining and whining about doing independent work.  Mere threats of taking away recess are not working.  I have discussed a few options with co-teachers and my mentor teachers, so perhaps within the next few school days, I will implement some of these ideas and one will work.

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