Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1/14/2014 Journal



            Today was A Day. The students entered quietly and wrote down their homework assignment in their agenda's. The morning announcements came on and students listened quietly as they were said. Immediately after announcements, my mentor teacher went over the days agenda. Since it was A day, the guidance counselor would be coming in and working with students again on a lesson about perseverance. Students were engaged for the guidance counselor had a hands on activity waiting to do with the students. After the guidance counselor was finished working with students, I started my spelling lesson. My spelling lesson consisted of students reviewing their spelling words. I did a SmartBoard activity using dice. Students would come up and roll the virtual dice on the SmartBoard and depending on the number rolled, a corresponding style of writing would be conducted by the students. For example, if students rolled a 1, students would have to write their spelling word with their eyes closed. Students gravitated well with this activity, for it was different than what students had normally done.
            Following spelling, my mentor teacher began math. Today for math, students would be completing a bench mark exam. Prior to giving the exam, my mentor teacher reviewed some similar problems with the class. The class seemed bored and uninterested in this review. When the review took place, students were working independently on their benchmark tests. Several of the student were confused and grew frustrated with the test. In the common area outside of the classroom, I was working with two students on an Education City activity.
            After the bench mark concluded for the day, students lined up for lunch and began heading to the cafeteria. After lunch, students returned to the classroom to indoor recess. After an extremely loud indoor recess, students lined up and headed to gym.  
            When students returned from gym, they worked on more reviews of their benchmark tests. I could tell by the reaction of students that they were not thrilled about having this review.


            Today was a normal day. I witness excellent classroom management from both my mentor teacher and the guidance counselor. I enjoy that the guidance counselor assists with students in the classroom and the lessons she does with them. The lessons usually involve something about self and perseverance and pushing through. The students seem to respond well to these mini lessons. A good portion of students were out sick today. Whenever students are out sick, especially the behavior problem students, it makes for an easier day.

            My spelling lesson went phenomenally today. Students enjoyed the new activity of rolling a die and choosing a way to write their spelling word. I enjoyed teaching today and would love to take on more of this role. It was fun using the SmartBoard!


            Each day is getting better and better. Waking up early is getting a little easier, but still is a job in itself. Students are continually adjusting tome being in the classroom. Students responded well to the spelling lesson, but it is continually a hassle to keep students on track. My mentor teacher encouraged me to use a different approach while teaching, so with that in mind, I will use it during tomorrows review.

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