Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1/15/2014 Journal



            Today was a fog delay, so I arrived two hours later than normal as did students
. When I arrived, a few students were already in the classroom unpacking their things. Students had a little trouble starting today off due to the fog delay, but after a while, they got settled. Due to lack of time, my mentor teacher said we wouldn't have time for spelling today, and I would revisit my lesson on Thursday. Today was going to focus on a review for their math benchmark test. As students reviewed for their benchmarks they would later be taking, most students got frustrated while practicing. My mentor teacher had to repeat directions several time for the students. As students worked on their benchmark tests, I graded math papers. This took up the majority of the period.
            After I finished grading paper, I walked about briefly and observed students taking their benchmark.
            After students completed their benchmark tests, they headed to library. A few behavior students did not want to go to library, but after awhile, they went. After library, students moved on to lunch. After lunch was recess.  This recess today took place outside.  I went outside and watched the students for half the recess.  The other half of recess I was inside assisting a student with his Accelerated Reader. 
            When students came back in from recess, my mentor teacher immediately reviewed their math benchmark.  Student worked eagerly on their benchmark tests.  Some students were again getting frustrated, but I kept assuring them to persevere and work through the problems.  After students finished up with their benchmark tests, it was time to pack up for the day.  Students lined up and exited the room.

            With today being a 2 hour delay, it was a little different.  Though I was happy to get the extra couple hours of sleep, students were crazy today.  Today focused on reviewing and completing their math benchmark test.  Students got easily frustrated and gave up several times throughout the day.  There were some behavioral problems today, and I think that had to do with the review of the benchmark.  Students did not like reviewing or completing the benchmark. 
            I wasn't able to teach a spelling lesson today due to the fog delay.  I was a little bummed because I enjoy doing these lessons.  I will continue my lesson tomorrow. 
            I don't mind grading papers thus far, I typically use an answer key while grading to make the process a smooth one.

            Today was an entirely different day than what I had experienced in the past week.  Since today was a fog delay, students acted completed differently.  With the days goal of completing their math benchmark, students got easily frustrated and had a hard time staying on track.  I would have occasionally allowed students to stand up, stretch, and do a 1-2 minute activity that involved them getting up and moving around.  With these stretching activities, I find that it gives students a break from their task, and allows them to retain their focus on the assigned activity.  I think when I start teaching a bit more and I see students off task or not paying attention, I will implement such stretching activities, or maybe counting by 5's while touching our toes.  I've seen that activity being done, and students seem to enjoy it.  I am looking forward to tomorrow, for I will be finishing up my spelling activity using a SmartBoard activity.

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