Wednesday, January 8, 2014

1/8/2014 Journal

DAR Journal
            When I arrived today, my mentor teacher had already arrived before me.  As usual, students were in the classroom unpacking their bag preparing for a new day.  My mentor teacher had followed the routine of writing the days homework assignment on the SmartBoard.  Students copied this down in their agenda's and I went around and initials if students had copied down the assignment.  The morning announcements came on, and again, students assisted with the morning announcements. 
            Following the announcements, my mentor teacher started the spelling lesson.  Students reviewed spelling words of "ow" and "ou".  Students played a matching game with their spelling words using the SmartBoard.  Next, my mentor teacher and the class continued on to Language Arts.  Here, they continued reading "The Bushy Mustache".  They discussed the book as they read through.  Students asked questions and had a mini class discussion about the problem in the book and the solution.  Students finished the story today.  Next, students moved on to their Daily 5.  Again, this daily 5 consisted of complete three accelerated readers, work on Education City, read with a partner, work on the days assigned journal activity, and read silently.  Students would have a tendency to not complete all their Daily 5s and move on to educational games.  It was told by the mentor teacher and reinforced by me to go back and complete each of their Daily 5s. 
            Students then packed up and moved out of the classroom to lunch.  Students once again wore their jackets in the cafeteria due to it being so cold in that room.  After lunch, students had indoor recess again because it was so cold outside.  After recess, it was time for the students to move on to music.  As students were at much, my advisor came to visit me.  She spoke things over with my mentor teacher and cleared up some confusion on my end about where exactly in the student teaching process I need to be. 
            The day ended with math.  Students reviewed time and took a test.  Students worked quietly completing their tests with the exception of a few behavior problem students.  After student completed their tests, my mentor teacher and the class moved on to money.  A brief intro to money informing students about the specific coins (penny, dime, nickel, quarter etc.).  Students worked in their math books adding coins with other coins.  A few kids grasped on to the math concept, while other were still figuring out how to add coins.  As the day came to a closure, students packed up their things and began lining up for the end of the day.  The students left.
            I did have the opportunity to talk with my mentor teacher about beginning to take over a lesson.  He suggested I start with spelling and said I should start tomorrow.  He gave me a few ideas and pointers to assist me with the lesson.  I am eager to get started with this portion of the class.
            Once again, throughout the day I witness excellent classroom management.  Students knew what needed to be done and didn't ask a lot of questions throughout instruction.  The troublesome was back today, and immediately at the beginning of the day he caused trouble.  My mentor teacher called for a resource teacher to come down and take that student out.  After this student was gone, the class was able to get back on track.  The resource teacher came in a few more times throughout the day and assisted in the classroom.  Her being present in the classroom is very helpful to the teachers and the students.
            Again, I enjoyed how my mentor teacher went about teaching students their vocabulary words; he played a matching game on the SmartBoard where students had to match the word with an image the best defined that word.  I'm looking forward to taking over this role of spelling.

            My third day was definitely better, and with each day, it's making the transition into student teaching easier.  Students are continually responding better to me being there, and a few kids have already starting latching on to me.  I'm excited to start working with students on their spelling and developing new ways to study their spelling words.  I think that with taking over a portion of the days lessons will help me enjoy student teaching more and fell more involved with the students.

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