Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1/7/14 Journal

DAR Journal

            When I arrived today, my mentor teacher had already arrived before me.  Students were in the classroom unpacking their bags, and preparing to the day.  My mentor teacher had written the days homework on the SmartBoard which was to be copied down in each students agenda.  The morning announcements came on, and again students assisted with the morning announcements.
            Following the announcements, my mentor teacher jumped right into language arts.  Today's language arts took off right where yesterdays lesson left off.  Students went around the room sharing their journal entries about their writing prompt.  A small class discussion was held while each student shared their journal entries.  Next, my mentor teacher discussed the next lessons vocabulary words.  These words would be seen in the students next reading assignment.  After students learned the words, and did a matching activity on the SmartBoard, my mentor teacher began reading the story.  The story was called, "The Bushy Mustache".  My mentor teacher left the story open, and left it up to the students to write down how they think the main character would solve the problem in the story.  As students finished their journal entries, they began to work on the Daily 5.  Again, this daily 5 consisted of complete three accelerated readers, work on Education City, read with a partner, work on the days assigned journal activity, and read silently. 
            After the Daily 5, it was time for students to go to their computer lab special.  As students were at the special, I spoke with my mentor teacher about the day and completing my ice breaker that I was instructed to complete.  As students came from computer lab, they grabbed their coats and went to lunch (students were instructed to wear their coats in the cafeteria today because it was so cold!).  Since it was so cold, recess would be held inside again today.  Students came back from lunch and played games inside and got a little loud and exited.
            After recess, student returned to their seats.  I executed my ice breaker lesson that was assigned by my mentor.  I used a PowerPoint presentation to tell the students a little about myself and what I like to do for fun.  To make the ice breaker more interested, I handed out mini bags of M&M candies.  On the SmartBoard was the list of colors and a description by each.  Students were to pick their favorite color M&M and tell the corresponding fact about themselves that was listed on the SmartBoard.  For example, if a student chose the red M&M, they had to tell me and the class something fun they did over Christmas break.
            The day ended with math.  Students were still working on time and completed examples problems both in their math book and on the SmartBoard.  Today, students learned the difference between a.m. and p.m. while telling time.  Students practiced telling whether a time was a.m. or p.m. doing a matching game on the SmartBoard.  As math wrapped up, students packed up for dismissal.

            Once again, throughout the day I witness excellent classroom management.  Students knew what needed to be done and didn't ask a lot of questions throughout instruction.  A troublesome student was absent today, so it made for a much calmer and manageable day.  Once again the resource teacher came in a few times and assisted in the classroom.  Her being present in the classroom is very helpful to the teachers and the students.
            I enjoyed about my mentor teacher went about teaching students their vocabulary words; he played a matching game on the SmartBoard where students had to match the word with an image the best defined that word.
            The students responded well to the ice breaker lesson and enjoyed the M&Ms that were given to them!

            My second day was definitely better than my first day.  Not that my first day was bad, I just felt more of a routine with the second day.  Students responded better to me being there, and a few kids have already starting latching on to me.  I'm starting to understand my mentor teachers bathroom policy where students can merely get up and go to the bathroom whenever they like.  It's almost a double standard where if students are limited on their bathroom trips, they will want to go often, whereas if students can go freely, they will not want to go as often.

            Again, while students were completing their Daily 5's, students seemed a little out of control  Students were wandering around and the volume of voices was very high. Again, I would like to have seen more structure and organization during this time.  

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